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SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television System), a community Distribution system for channels received from a variety of satellites along with Terrestrial signals & Radio. All these receptions will be combined with the help of “MULTISWITCH” and distributed with an individual and separate cable to each household in the community building. The size of the network varies small to large.

This may be a modest 5 storey building with 50 subscribers or 50 floor tower with 1,200 subscribers. For huge buildings were coaxial cables is unsuitable, fiber optic solutions can utilize with SMATV systems. With modern equipments any type of SMATV network can be constructed with convenience.

The main benefit of the SMATV is, all homes or tenants in the building can share the installed satellite antenna, no need to have a separate one for each user. Additionally when there is any new channels available in the connected satellites the subscriber can tune himself no need to purchase new equipment where in CATV required huge investment, with technical expertise to add the new channels.

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