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Organizations spend a lot of money protecting data centers from the risk of downtime. And those investments — whether in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, powerful air conditioning systems or emergency generators — are justified by the greater costs the organization would bear if the data center were to go down.

When deciding on your top priority items for the data center, security, power consumption, and data protection all land on the top of the list. But the one thing that all data centers should have is a state of the art fire protection, suppression and  detection system.

Down time $ loss can be measured by the millisecond in a data center. Fire protection systems that are not tailored to the specific needs of the data center can lead to total facility shutdown, complete equipment compromise, and what should take hours to recover from can take months.


  • Training – train all data center employees in the use and operation of portable fire extinguishers, fire protection systems, and abort mechanisms.
  • Egress plan – fire extinguishers, and abort mechanisms located on the prescribed route, allowing for immediate mitigation.
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems – non-conductive, non-corrosive, specific application, residue free, targeted fire protection.
  • Dry pipe sprinkler systems – preventing water from entering sensitive areas unless an uncontrolled fire situation exists (last resort extinguishment)
  • Intelligent Fire Alarms – to control and manage point specific fire protection systems, in conjunction with building automation systems, to provide collaborative systems control during an emergency.

There are a lot of fire suppression system equipment, ranging from high/low pressure CO2, Clean Agent and Inert Gas Systems, Water Mist, Foam, and Dry Chemical Systems. There is an array of system agents on the market, and it is extremely important to use the right agent for the specific hazard being protected. LANSource in conjunction with our specialist partners offers a variety of designs, including pre-engineered and engineered systems. Our design staff is well versed on the various system types and is readably available for consultation. We also offer a complete package, including design, equipment, start up, and testing; a complete package.


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