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As technology improves and demands to do more work with less money and resources in the enterprise or demand for faster bandwidths in the data centre or users, the solution is provided by Fibre Optic networks such as Storage Area Network, 40G/100G fiber trunking and HHTP Passive Optical Networks.

With Fibre Optic, not only will you save money over copper wires, but they’re also easier to install and take up less space. No matter your organization, Fiber Optic Cabling is pretty much essential. Whether you are with the government, a business, or if you’re in education, Fiber Optic Cabling is what you need to secure a fast and safe operation. There is no company better suited to help you than LANSource.

Benefits of Fiber Optic

  • Prices continue to drop on Fiber Optics and not only will buying them save you money now, but it will save you more money each day of operation.
  • A Fiber Optic system has increased bandwidth, sometimes operating at data rates of 10Gb/s
  • Signals from Fiber Optic Cables can be transmitted very long distances
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Is Securebecause they do not radiate any signal and the optical signal is completely contained in the middle of the fiber.
  • Safety is important and Fiber Optic Cables do not need to carry any electrical current.
  • Non-metallic cables are much less likely to be struck by lightning, making them popular for hazardous environments.
  • Fiber Optic Cables are light weight and compact so they will save you space and keep everything more organized.
  • There is little use of resources in manufacturing Fiber Optic Cables, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Unlike copper wires, Fiber Optic Cables are future-proof. They can easily be upgraded as technology improve

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